About Me


All those who wander are not necessarily lost.

  I was a small child when I first realized how my spirit responded to the power and seduction of  light. 

Now in the latter half of my life, light still creates that childlike wonder.

Light is what makes the ordinary become extraordinary.

I feel compelled to capture the effect as best as I can, my tools of choice being pure oil paint and palette knives. With them I can convey the energy I feel in my soul with the minimum of work and detail, capturing the colours and shapes before me. Almost abstract in application but creating the reality as I go. Essentially almost carving with paint! 

My home of choice is the tiny settlement of Owaka, situated on the Southern Scenic Route in the Catlins region of New Zealand. Surrounded by lush farmland, stunning beaches and forest walks but a few minutes away, I find it's the perfect place for my creative soul.