Plein Air Painting Adventures

Quailburn Historic Woolshed


An overnight stay at Omarama saw me late afternoon heading up Quailburn road to this old historic woolshed. As a person who has spent a few days over the years working in one I found it truly interesting. First though, before exploring the interior, I wanted to paint it. As the sun was quickly dropping into the west it was a case of employing some speed!

Quickly setting up my palette with spectrum blue, magenta, burnt sienna, yellow ochre and white, I proceeded first with my biggest knife to block in roughly the darker sides of the building. I very rarely draw anything, just putting the rough shapes down, hopefully guessing the positions correctly and working from there.

Thinking "just get the building in". then it was a matter of putting the sunlit walls in and adding the roof area. Once that was achieved I filled in a rough background and foreground, being fairly abstract with paint application. Lastly using small knives I added window and door details and suggested the yard. 

By this time the sun was almost behind the hills and the shadows had extended over the building.